Real Food



Our story

We met in circa 2012 we quickly learned we both LOVED playing with food and sharing new flavors with friends. It started with simple small dinners in Jasmine’s tiny apartment in Leucadia, Ca. We would sit around the table with our friends eating and sharing in joyful moments. We knew we had something special that we wanted to share with more people. The sauces became the star of the show, friends started requesting sauce to take home and that’s when our business was birthed.

Word got out that we had the liquid gold cheeze sauce, friends started sharing with other friends and deals started to go down in a back alley in Leucadia. We gained attention from local stores that were excited to carry our products. We built up momentum once we joined social media and local farmers markets. We are currently focused on the cheeze sauce but we have many new spreads and sauces to come. Stay tuned for the growth of Nomad Eats.

We love preparing food with our sauces. We have started to branch out as a mobile food vendor at local vegan community events so we could share the full experience of Nomad Eats. We want to share the joy of eating whole food plant based. Nomad Eats is about that little happy dance you do when you eat something delicious. Sometimes you eat food that is so good it makes you want to move your body and smile.

Stay Saucy San Diego. Explore NEW FLAVORS…